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COVID-19 – the Gamechanger.

A short story and a lesson in Marketing, Advertising and Design by Claudia Folgore-McLellan creative consultant at visual 8.

Who knew our world would ever come to a near stand-still and yet it has. Over the past six months as global lockdown measures were introduced, we’ve seen a distinct change in media communication in South Africa and globally. The initial stages of the pandemic brought about panic and fear and the messaging became one of encouragement and positivity, with brands adopting a positive, ‘We’ll get through this together’ promise, in the face of the unknown.

We know that life spent relatively confined, during lockdown, has mostly become a life lived online. This has created to a huge boost of digital media and e-commerce business. We saw this with the Checkers Sixty60 campaign that used their existing infrastructure to bring their loyal customers an essential service when movement was restricted. 

The change that has been observed in the way media is consumed has forced advertisers and businesses to rethink how best to adapt their business models and advertising strategies for long-term survival in a changing world. Research shows most companies are still taking cost containment measures which is where budget-friendly digital media works well. Messaging has remained empathetic with the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

In South Africa, we’re adapting to these changes. Typically, we’re people that love a good laugh and humour is our way of getting through some seriously tough times. In mid lockdown, Chicken Licken brought us a brilliant ad highlighting this very sentiment and the resilience of our people.

At this stage, as we’re seeing some light from the easing of restrictions, we’re suffering Covid fatigue, we’ve been drilled about it in so many different ways but the Corona Awareness: #Covidiot interactive campaign takes the cake.

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