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(Managing Director at Blinds Express)

“From a client’s point of view, having a new logo designed for your young company is a delicate process: you want your logo to be unique, distinctive, unparalleled, instantly recognisable and simply perfect. Handling such a process requires skill and tact from the designer, who not only has to deal diplomatically with client sensibilities and fickleness, but also has to provide guidance on a process that starts off open-ended and could end up going anywhere. Visual 8 has done an excellent job in handling the design process for Blinds Express. In terms of your thoroughness of preparation, your responsiveness to requests for changes and modifications as well as your turnaround speed, they have provided outstanding service. We’d like to thank you for the work you’ve done and unreservedly recommend Visual 8 to anyone who needs professional graphic design work done quickly and to the highest standards.”

Dr John Endres (Managing Director at Blinds Express)

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