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Attention, visionary leaders of the corporate world!

If you have never thought of outsourcing the creative, digital and print media of your business to an experienced freelance graphic designer/art director I’m here to highlight how your company can greatly benefit by making the move. Say goodbye to traditional barriers and hello to a world open to limitless possibilities!

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Hiring me can be more cost-effective by comparison to maintaining a full-time, in-house designer. I typically work on a project or retainer basis, allowing companies to pay for the creative services I offer only when they are needed, avoiding the costs of salaries, benefits, and overhead expenses that come with hiring permanent employees for this work.
  2. Flexibility and Scalability: Working with me offers flexibility and scalability to corporate companies. I can be hired for specific projects or periods of high demand, allowing companies to adjust their design resources according to their needs. This flexibility is particularly useful when dealing with fluctuating workloads or when additional design expertise is required temporarily.
  3. Diverse Skill Sets: I have gathered a wide range of skills and experience, having worked on various projects across different industries and I have a network of trustworthy associates who I would recommend when and where needed. This diversity allows companies to work with specialised expertise, ensuring the availability of expert freelancers who can handle specific design, development, illustration, photographic or any other requirements.
  4. Fresh Perspectives and Creativity: Corporate design work can often become creatively restricting. As a freelance professional, I bring a fresh perspective to design projects. I am able to offer unique and creative ideas, even if they don’t fit the constraints of a specific corporate culture and maybe deviate slightly from the usual. This infusion of new ideas can help companies enhance their engagement with their target audience in new ways.
  5. Faster Turnaround Time: I am accustomed to working independently and managing my own schedule. This can result in faster turnaround times for design projects, as I focus solely on the task at hand without getting caught up in internal processes or bureaucracy. Quick turnaround times can be a great advantage when responding rapidly to market demands.
  6. Reduced Administrative Burden: I’m a service provider and I invoice from my business, Visual 8, to yours – it couldn’t be easier! Companies do not need to worry about recruitment, onboarding, training, or providing equipment and software. I work with my own computer and software, allowing companies to save time and resources in these areas.
  7. Global Access: I can be based anywhere in the world and so can you. Working remotely via online platforms has become the most effective way of doing business globally. I may just have the specialised skills and unique cultural perspective that aligns with your brand and target audience.

These benefits are certainly worth considering if your company is looking for a professional freelance partner for its internal communications, brand maintenance and marketing needs. I work towards establishing clear communication channels and project management structures to maintain consistent quality of creative work.

I offer monthly retainer packages at a competitive fee that are contract-based. These retainers allow for ad-hoc work to be done without the added fuss of per-project billing if that is preferred. I encourage you to get in touch with me to find out more. I never turn down a casual chat over coffee, even if it’s over Zoom.

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