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Brand Audit – Say what?

A short story and a lesson in Marketing, Advertising and Design by Claudia Folgore-McLellan creative consultant at visual 8.

A Brand Audit is literally like putting your brand, in it’s entirety, under the microscope and assessing it’s strengths, weaknesses and/or inconsistencies. In my opinion it’s an invaluable exercise.

The idea of conducting a brand audit can often be considered an arduous task. I’m not even sure many business owners are fully aware of what it entails and if it will be beneficial in the long-run. Too often, brands fall off the rails at some stage of their lifecycle and suffer what I call an ‘identity crisis’, where weaknesses or inconsistencies creep in a bit too frequently and water down the original branding or messaging – this can be damaging. No matter how established or young your brand is, an annual review is imperative, in order to determine opportunities for improvement and new developments. You need to keep your brand moving and shaking, reinventing and evolving.

I’m here to tell you that it’s definitely worth the effort and having a professional company or independent (like myself) assess your brand’s current position and review its visual effectiveness in the market is invaluable and doesn’t have to cost you your marketing budget for the year.

Presenting your brand in a strong, consistent way throughout your marketing results in you having to spend less money on attracting new customers. It does the work for you when it’s easily recognisable and if your current customers keep coming back to you because your brand visually represents your brand promise.

In the next week or two I will be launching a NOT TO BE MISSED offering that will provide you with a framework to ensure that your brand stays on track and that you have a clearer understanding of where you’re wanting to go with it.

If you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur or owner of a retail or corporate business and would like to know more about how you can leverage your brands’ potential, get in touch with me. I am able to offer retainers for clients who have a need for ongoing design, branding or advertising requirements at accessible pricing with payment terms suitable to your budget.

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