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COVID-19 The Game Changer_PART 2.

A short story and a lesson in Marketing, Advertising and Design by Claudia Folgore-McLellan creative consultant at visual 8.

This week we continue the conversation on the impact that the Covid-19 global pandemic has had on media and we question if the use of digital media is in fact a fad or trend?

We are still seeing the effects and results of major contraction in traditional advertising media. When lockdown measures were introduced, out-of-home and cinema advertising deflated almost instantly and as for print media advertising –we’ve sadly seen the closing of one of the four major publishing houses in South Africa, directly relating to the effects of this and the lack of revenue in print media.

Covid-19 has propelled the use of digital media and e-commerce and has been the catalyst for people and businesses moving forward far sooner than they had originally planned. The change that has been noted in peoples media consumption across generations and has forced advertisers and businesses to rethink of how best to adapt their business models and marketing strategies for long-term survival.

Going into the holiday season it will be interesting to see what ideas companies, especially the larger retail stores, will come up with in order to compete with one another for their return on investment to and match or better previous years’ sales now that more people are buying online.

Let’s hear your thoughts… is this amplified use of digital media a fad or trend?

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