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Opening the conversation on ‘The Social Dilemma’.

A short story and a lesson in Marketing, Advertising and Design by Claudia Folgore-McLellan creative consultant at visual 8.

Described as a documentary-drama I’d far rather place this Netflix film in a category of its’ own, more accurately described a true-life horror. In our podcast this week, we start the conversation about ‘The Social Dilemma’ by director Jeff Orlowski and ask questions that we should all engage in answering, the main one being, “Should social media platforms be regulated?”

After watching the documentary and listening to the info it shares I have formulated definite answer– yes, for the love of humanity. I’m all for serious consideration of humane technology.

I encourage anyone and everyone to watch the documentary – it highlights the very obvious positives of using social media platforms in life and business but through a series of interviews with prominent current and former tech insiders of these high profile companies we come to realise the dystopia it’s created in our world.

Click, swipe, drag, Like, Share, upload, download…

We (users) have become products in a massive network of data collection for the sole purpose of ‘surveillance capitalism’. The business model of social media has been exposed in this documentary, it’s beyond fascinating but also scary as hell. It has infinite potential but human futures seem to be at great risk.

“There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’. 
Illegal drugs and software.”

Consider this intro to ‘The Social Dilemma’ a call to arms, collectively we need to change the way these companies work. Join the conversation. Listen to the podcast below. Add your comments and viewpoints once you’ve watched it.

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